Baby On Board Sign – Safety 1st


Baby On Board Sign by Safety 1st 

This Baby On Board Sig by Safety 1st is crash tested.

At the back of the package it reads:

Recommended placement at the lower corner of your car’s rear window.

Before installation you should clean the area where the suction cup will be applied with alcohol.  Then allow it to dry.

In case the suction cup is cold or frozen due to the weather conditions in which you find yourself, you should warm it in your hands first and slightly moisten it before application.

Apply the device between the defroster lines.

There is a caution mentioned as well:

First of all the obvious: Never ever leave your child unattended, which goes without saying of course.

Secondly: Check on a regular basis that the devices are properly installed.

Keep the device out of reach of children. There is a choke hazard from the suction cup.

Well … All said and done! Guess what, it all worked just fine, as you can see on the video HERE: