Finger Pinch Preventer – Safety 1st

Finger Pinch Preventer – Safety 1st

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This device is designed to prevent little finger from being trapped in the door gap and from door slamming.

Place this device high up on the door, at hinge level, out of the reach of children.

Hold the device with the MAX GAP gauge facing up, like so:

If the door gap exceeds the distance marked by indentations on both sides of the MAX GAP, then attach the device to the edge of the door above the hinge, where it will fit.

On the picture here below the red arrows indicate the door gap versus the device’s indentations:

If the door gap does not exceed the distance between the MAX GAP indentations, then insert the device into the gap with the open end first. Then rotate it so the device is parellel to the ground. Like I show you in this video:

The product can be hung on the door knob during periods of non-use.

Warning: Safety device such as this pinch preventer are NOT substitute to adult supervision. Never leave your child unattended.

For more information, check out the video below:


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