Handle Flex Lock – Safety 1st

Handle Flex Lock – Safety 1st

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This safety lock can be used on the door to the closets in your kitchen or bathroom with things inside that you don’t want your children or animals to have access to.

How to use:

Push simultaneously on the central button (with the lock icon against the green background) and the lower push button, that are indicated by the red arrows on the picture below:

It takes quite some force as you can see here in the video:

But that obviously is part of the design and prevents small children or animals from opening the lock easily.

Now lift up the little handles on the inner side of both parts as indicated by the red arrows on the picture below:

Now you’re able to lift up and open the latches, like in the video below:

Place the flexible latches around the handles or buttons of the cabinet and close the two parts of the device again. You can see how to do this in the video below:

That’s it!


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