JOBE Life Vest Kid – Review


Last updated on February 1st, 2018

JOBE Life Vest Kid - Review


Off shore family activities

Boating, sailing, canoeing or kayaking are all relaxing, fun and bonding off shore activities

that you surely want to share with your kids.

Kids’ water safety

Water has its dangers though.

For your family to fully enjoy these adventurous moments together,

first the necessary risk assessment should be done and

the required kids’ water safety precautions need to be taken.


Kids’ life jacket

The safest PFD (personal flotation device) is one the child is wearing.

Any child on or by water needs a good life jacket,

designed for their special needs.

Even if a life jacket must NEVER be a replacement of adult supervision,

it greatly adds to your kid’s safety around the water.

You can’t compromise on their safety.

Required for kids of ranging swimming skills

A qualified life jacket is required for kids of varying swimming skills

when practicing nautical activities,

especially in vessels that are prone to capsizing.

Not only does it provide steady support for children who are new to the water

or not yet quite comfortable in the water.

It greatly adds to the water safety of kids who are strong swimmers.

Take into account conditions such as

potential panic, bearing with cold water, fatigue or even exhaustion.

In such circumstances, any child, regardless of their swimming skills,

will need the support a qualified life jacket offers.

JOBE life vest

The JOBE life vest has an exquisite, very well thought of design

and its many excellent features make it one of the safest and best life jackets out there on the market.

Non-inflatable foam

The JOBE life vest will float on the water because of its built-in foam material.

Even if it doesn’t store as compact as an inflatable life vest,

you won’t be exposed to leakage hazard and therefore it’s much safer.

For sure,

safety is our top priority!


Face up float

The JOBE life vest has floating foam material covering the entire front part

whereas in the back the foam covers only the upper part.

Most likely, if your child falls into the water,

they’ll drift on their back with their face up

which surely is the position you want them to be in. 


Flotation support for head

The flotation support behind and beside the head

helps to keep their face out of the water.

Double horizontal strap

An adjustable strap around the waist and an additional security back up strap above

will keep the vest securely on your child.

The black buckles snap and unsnap easily.

Crotch strap

The adjustable crotch strap keeps the vest right in place and

prevents its rising above your child’s head.

Your child will remain high in the water.

Even a slim child won’t be in danger of slipping out of the vest.

Snug fit, not tight

Adjust the straps to your child’s body to make the vest fit snug, not tight,

allowing your child to enjoy the necessary freedom of movement.



The heavy-duty zip fastens securely but as it doesn’t go all the way up to the chin,

it leaves your child enough space to move their neck and head freely.


Bright color and reflectors

The bright orange color and reflectors

ensure a good visibility

and make it easy to notice the JOBE life vest in the water.


Preparation before use

Before your child heads to the water

with their JOBE life vest for the first time,

it’s highly recommended to prepare them well first.

Adjust the straps to fit your child’s body snug

and make sure your child feels comfortable in the life vest

before they actually head to the water with it.

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